Otolift are a stairlift manufacturer based in Bergambacht, a small village in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. We are a family company that has been owned & ran by 3 generations of the same family since the original company was founded in 1891. We are very proud of our heritage. Otolift are synonymous with offering innovative designs that have become benchmarks of visual design, reliability and quality in the stairlift industry. Since the founding of Otolift Stairlifts in 2012, the company is now able to provide these innovative stairlifts to customers in the United Kingdom.

Otolift Stairlifts – History

  • Otolift Founded


    Otolift was established in 1891 as Otto Ooms BV by Mr. Otto Ooms. The company mastered many different disciplines in the decades that followed until it started to develop stairlifts in the 1960s.


  • The First Stairlift


    The first stairlift made by Otolift appeared on the market in 1968. The rail of this Otolift type 10 was rolled for stairs with curves and was driven by a 380 V motor.


  • Expansion for Otolift


    The Otolift Stairlift was very popular due to its excellent reliability. Otolift grew quickly & soon found that their premises at the time was not large enough to meet the company’s increase in demand for their stairlifts. The company moved to a considerably larger location in Bergambacht in 1981. The current factory remains on the same site.


  • Further Expansion


    The success of the revolutionary Otolift stairlift rail created huge demand. Otolift continued to grow and quickly outgrew their premises again. The factory was therefore expanded considerably in 1997 to an impressive 10,000 m2.


  • Design Prize Winners


    From the day they were released, the Otolift range of stairlifts were subject to continuous product development. Whilst the majority of other stairlifts were purely developed for their functionality, Otolift also recognised the need for aesthetically pleasing products and set about designing and manufacturing attractive, functional stairlifts. This hard work paid off and was recognised when Otolift was awarded a design prize for the pleasing appearance of their products.


  • Introduction of the ONE Stairlift¬†and Winner of the Red Dot Design Award


    Otolift introduced their flagship stairlift, the ONE, in 2011. This stairlift uses a single tube rail, and this was designed to include innovative technology to further enhance the safety of the product. As with the previous range of stairlifts, Otolift also prioritised the visual design of their products. The winning combination of state-of-the-art technology and pleasing aesthetics ensure that the Otolift ONE stairlift is a discrete all-rounder that can be safely installed on the narrowest and steepest of stairs whilst remaining unobtrusive. Otolift once again gained recognition when they were rewarded with the prestigious RED DOT AWARD. This is an award that recognises the design of a product, and the Otolift ONE is the only Stairlift to have received this recognition, an achievement that we are very proud of.


  • Otolift Stairlifts UK Founded.


    In January 2012 the daughter Company Otolift Stairlifts Ltd was formed in the UK. Otolift Stairlifts Ltd supply Otolift products throughout the UK & Ireland solely through a network of carefully selected dealers. All Dealers are given full training on all aspects of the Otolift product range of stairlifts ensuring excellent service. This business model gives us nationwide coverage of the UK but with a local business feel and familiarity for the customer.

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