• Stairlift Dealers

    Otolift Stairlifts Ltd do not sell direct to the end user. Instead we have a nationwide network of carefully selected and well trained Stairlift Dealers / Retailers. It is these Companies that an end user / customer would have regular dealings with throughout the process of obtaining your Otolift Stairlift.


  • Initial consultation

    The process starts with an initial consultation at the customer’s home with a representative from a local, knowledgeable retailer. During the consultation the retailer will discuss the customer’s needs and any concerns they may have regarding stairlifts in general.

    The retailer will then assess the staircase for suitability and decide which of our stairlifts they think is most suitable for the customer’s needs and their particular staircase configuration.

    The representative will then discuss his thoughts with the customer again and between them, agree on the best possible solution to meet requirements.


  • Detailed Survey

    There will be no pressure from any of our representatives for a customer to agree to a sale there and then. If the customer agrees to go ahead with the purchase the retailer will need to visit the property again to carry out a full detailed survey and measurements of the full staircase. This will be arranged by the retailer and depending on the configuration of the stairs will take approximately 1 hour.

    At this stage in the process a payment deposit may be requested by the retailer, due to the bespoke nature of the stairlift.


  • Order

    The Retailer will then send the order to Otolift Stairlifts, along with their survey of the stairs to be processed.

    Once the information is received by Otolift Stairlifts, the order will be processed and a rail design will be created to the specifications given by the retailer. This rail design will be sent back to the retailer for their approval before being progressed any further.


  • Agree Specification

    Once they are happy the rail design meets the specification agreed with the customer, they will give the go ahead for us to manufacture. If a deposit hasn’t been paid prior to this stage, it may be requested here, before the retailer moves the lift into production with us. Otolift Stairlifts will update the retailer with progress throughout the manufacturing process and give expected delivery dates.


  • Installation

    When the retailer has confirmed dates for delivery they will again contact the customer to arrange a convenient date to carry out the installation. The retailers will then carry out a full handover of the product with the customer ensuring they are fully versed on the operation of the stairlift.

    The chair lift will then be serviced and maintained in accordance with the supplying dealers own warranty terms and conditions.